File and Gelish  £18

Removal of gelish  £6   /   £3 when reapplied

Gelish is a gel treatment that is applied to your natural nails in the same way as regular nail polish. After the application, Gelish is cured / dried under a UV lamp. The polish is dry as soon as your treatment is finished – no worries about smudging your nails while you wait for it to dry. Gelish is great for short / weak / peeling nails as it is a protects the nails allowing them to grow.

Need a bit of extra strength to your nails? No problem, we can apply a Structure Gel to protect weaker nails!

The best thing about Gelish that it lasts up to 21 days without chipping! And is just as glossy on day 21 as on day 1!

….. And with over 45 (and counting) colours to choose from
you will be spoilt for choice!!!

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