Waxing Treatments

Waxing removes unwanted hair from the root in one go! You will see immediate results and regular treatment reduces re-growth too! Re-growth from waxing is finer and softer, unlike the re-growth from shaving and depilatory creams.

I use the Clean + Easy Roller Wax system.

Clean + Easy uses a patented roller head system and is the world leader in roller wax hair removal. The roller heads are completely hygienic as no wax is returned back into the cartridge after contact with the skin. The wax is made from high quality ingredients, formulated to flow smoothly through the roller head, which gives you a more comfortable treatment. The cartridge design means that wax is dispensed fast, so your treatment times are shorter.

For the intimate areas, I use a Muti-flex hot wax as this reduces discomfort.

   1/2 Leg          £10.00
   Full Leg         £18.00
   Half Arm       £10.00
   Full Arm        £15.00
   Underarm      £8.00
   Bikini              £8.00
   Top lip            £5.00
   Chin               £5.00
   Eyebrows       £5.00
   Brazillian       £18.00
   Hollywood     £22.00

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